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I’m part of the longtermist EA community building team at Open Philanthropy and Chair of the EA Infrastructure Fund.

Previously I was the Chief of Staff at the Forethought Foundation for Global Priorities Research, participated in the first cohort of FHI’s Research Scholars Programme (RSP) and then helped run it as one of its Project Managers.

Before that, my first EA-inspired jobs were with the Effective Altruism Foundation, e.g., running what is now the Center on Long-Term Risk. While I don’t endorse their ‘suffering-focused’ stance on ethics, I’m still a board member there.

Unless stated otherwise, I post on the Forum in a personal capacity, and don’t speak for any organization I’m affiliated with.

I like weird music and general abstract nonsense. In a different life I would be a mediocre mathematician or a horrible anthropologist.

The EAIF is dis­con­tin­u­ing most uni­ver­sity group funding

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