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SoGive is an online tool that lets donors see the impact of their donations.

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Righetti, Luca & Fin Moorhouse (2020) Sanjay Joshi on charity evaluation and nonprofit entrepreneurship, Hear This Idea, May 20.

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SoGive. Official website.

Why I’m con­cerned about Giv­ing Green

alexrjl20 Jan 2021 22:59 UTC
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SoGive is hiring! An­a­lysts wanted to lead eval­u­a­tion of charities

Matt_Sharp5 Dec 2021 12:14 UTC
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SoGive’s moral weights—please take part!

Sanjay5 Apr 2021 22:47 UTC
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Want to know about a UK char­ity? SoGive prob­a­bly has a rat­ing on it

Sanjay13 Mar 2021 20:55 UTC
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Nudg­ing donors to­wards high-im­pact char­i­ties (a re­quest for fund­ing for SoGive)

Sanjay13 Jan 2018 10:06 UTC
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We’re (sur­pris­ingly) more pos­i­tive about tack­ling bio risks: out­comes of a survey

Sanjay25 Aug 2020 9:14 UTC
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Why we think the Founders Pledge re­port over­rates CfRN

Sanjay4 Nov 2019 17:54 UTC
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Cli­mate change dona­tion recommendations

Sanjay16 Jul 2020 21:17 UTC
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The Nu­clear Threat Ini­ti­a­tive is not only nu­clear—notes from a call with NTI

Sanjay26 Jun 2020 17:29 UTC
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The best places to donate for COVID-19

Sanjay20 Mar 2020 10:47 UTC
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Older peo­ple may place less moral value on the far future

Sanjay22 Oct 2019 14:47 UTC
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Con­flict and poverty (or should we tackle poverty in nu­clear con­texts more?)

Sanjay6 Mar 2020 21:59 UTC
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Up­date on CATF’s plans for 2020

Sanjay24 Dec 2019 9:21 UTC
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Micro­cre­dit may some­times be effec­tive, but per­haps shouldn’t be funded by donations

Sanjay19 Feb 2020 15:30 UTC
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Clean cook­stoves may be com­pet­i­tive with GiveWell-recom­mended charities

Sanjay10 Feb 2020 18:00 UTC
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Call notes with Johns Hop­kins CHS

Sanjay20 May 2020 22:25 UTC
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No More Pan­demics: a grass­roots group?

Sanjay2 Oct 2020 20:40 UTC
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Four EA pod­cast episodes

finm24 Jul 2020 16:49 UTC
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EA and tack­ling racism

Sanjay9 Jun 2020 22:56 UTC
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[Question] Any up­dates to high-im­pact COVID-19 char­i­ties?

warrenjordan5 Feb 2021 21:42 UTC
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Where I am donat­ing this year and meta pro­jects that need funding

weeatquince2 Mar 2018 13:42 UTC
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Launch­ing SoGive Grants

SoGive14 Apr 2022 20:03 UTC
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ESG in­vest­ing is wholly misdirected

Meg16 Apr 2021 15:32 UTC
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Why SoGive is not up­dat­ing char­ity rat­ings af­ter malaria vac­cine news

Sanjay23 Apr 2021 20:39 UTC
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Im­pactMat­ters was ac­quired by Char­i­tyNav­i­ga­tor; but it doesn’t seem to have been in­cor­po­rated, pre­sented, or used in a great way. (Up­date/​boost)

david_reinstein13 Jan 2022 19:00 UTC
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