Anjay F

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I study CS/​Maths, helped co-found Vanderbilt’s EA group and now do operations /​ recruiting /​ AIS community building work (pt now, ft once I graduate in December) at Redwood Research.

Share your ‘Sum­mer in the Bay’ experience

Elika23 Oct 2022 0:38 UTC
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Red team­ing a model for es­ti­mat­ing the value of longter­mist in­ter­ven­tions—A cri­tique of Tarsney’s “The Epistemic Challenge to Longter­mism”

Anjay F16 Jul 2022 19:05 UTC
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Sup­port a work­place and pro­fes­sional EA group!

Anjay F25 May 2022 14:39 UTC
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[Question] What are some con­vinc­ing ar­gu­ments & pieces of ev­i­dence that peo­ple of a wide range of back­grounds can have fulfilling, en­joy­able ca­reers while also work­ing in a top EA cause area?

Anjay F28 Dec 2021 11:50 UTC
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