Ben Williamson

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Currently undertaking a pilot project on behalf of the EA Infrastructure Fund researching the most effective ways people can improve their wellbeing. (more info here: https://​​​​document/​​d/​​1OFXR8Ltuo73lqt6_kjoPBJogkuQ8B-RHzE12GRPfpCU/​​edit?usp=sharing

For a scattered and poorly-maintained collection of things I’ve written and views I hold: https://​​​​

A Men­tal Health Pod­cast Directory

Ben Williamson22 Nov 2021 20:59 UTC
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Sleep: effec­tive ways to im­prove it

Ben Williamson15 Nov 2021 14:42 UTC
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ben3536′s Shortform

Ben Williamson1 Nov 2021 23:43 UTC
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