Arturo Macias

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I am an Economist working at the Financial Risk Department of Banco de España (Spanish Central Bank). I was born in 1977 and I have recently finished my PhD Thesis (See ORCID webpage: https://​​​​0000-0002-1623-0957 ).

Why not par­li­a­men­tar­i­anism? [book by Ti­ago Ribeiro dos San­tos]

Arturo Macias8 Jul 2024 14:53 UTC
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Chom­sky vs. Pax Democratica

Arturo Macias25 Jun 2024 15:24 UTC
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The Evolu­tion to­wards the Blank Slate

Arturo Macias10 Jun 2024 15:17 UTC
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Su­per ad­di­tivity of consciousness

Arturo Macias29 Apr 2024 15:39 UTC
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