Axo Sal

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I’m Axo Sal (​in/​AxoSal). Developing Utilitarianaissance.Community that is a virtual society with a mission to explore, express and execute the most impactful ideas, solutions and strategies across the fields. It’s still in the early stages. It would be great to find like-minded people who could pursue the mission. I want to leave a legacy that will live on and make the impact even without me.

I’m a seeker of root-/​meta- or universal-solutions that can lead to solving many problems at once or completely redefine the world and humanity. Societal systems change in the economy and governance/​decision-making frameworks, AGI, radically enhancing human consciousness/​intelligence: Neuralink, Bioengineering among other things seem to be some of such potentialities discovered so far. Reach out to me if you got some more and let’s discuss those solutions!