Damian Gorski

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Polish computer scientist and futurologist. Since 2016 professionally associated with companies (Dekra, iPoint-Systems) oriented on area of sustainability and safety of new technologies introduced to wide use . For the past few years, increasingly involved in own research activities focused on improving the safety of critical technologies for our future: artificial intelligence and the brain-computer interface. From philosophical perspective, focused on minimizing existential risks—threats currently posing a main challenge of upcoming years and decades.

Ex­is­ten­tial Risks—Ba­sic Fac­tors of Es­ca­la­tion/​Deesca­la­tion; Main Risks Categories

Damian Gorski24 Jan 2023 20:15 UTC
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Ex­is­ten­tial Risk of Misal­igned In­tel­li­gence Aug­men­ta­tion (Par­tic­u­larly Us­ing High-Band­width BCI Im­plants)

Damian Gorski24 Jan 2023 17:02 UTC
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