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Having been involved with EA since 2015, I have taken the GWWC pledge in 2016 and have founded and led a German EA student group in 201617.

In 2017, I began a BA degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of Oxford, where I got actively involved in the EA Oxford university group, which I lead as Co-President for two years.

In the past, I have completed EA community building internships with EAF (2017), CEA (2018) and Charity Entrepreneurship (2019)

In 2019/​2020, William MacAskill, James Aung and I have created, an introductory online textbook on utilitarianism.

[Linkpost] How Hu­man­ity Gave It­self an Ex­tra Life—NYT

Darius_Meissner1 May 2021 7:34 UTC
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Launch­ing Utili­tar­i­ An In­tro­duc­tory On­line Text­book on Utilitarianism

Darius_Meissner9 Mar 2020 17:13 UTC
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Ap­pli­ca­tion Pro­cess for the 2019 Char­ity En­trepreneur­ship In­cu­ba­tion Program

Darius_Meissner17 Sep 2019 7:32 UTC
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