Celebrations and gratitude thread

TL;DR: Let’s post comments celebrating cool things people have been working on (you can share your own projects!).

We often have high standards in effective altruism. This seems absolutely right: our work matters, so we must constantly strive to do better.

But we think that it’s really important that the effective altruism community celebrate successes:

  • If we focus too much on failures, we incentivize others/​ourselves to minimize the risk of failure, and we will probably be too risk averse.

  • We’re humans: we’re more motivated if we celebrate things that have gone well.

So here’s a thread to share things that have gone well recently. We encourage you to:

  • Share some cool things that you’ve done recently!

  • Share cool things that other people have done recently!

  • Upvote others’ comments, and thank them for their work.

  • Share any other gratitude you have (to others or the world).

There are many types of cool things: the estimated impact of your monthly donations, a piece you wrote that helped you to improve your understanding, a project that you completed at work, a paper published, or any small step towards improving the world. No step too small to share.


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