Dr Faraz Harsini

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I hold a PhD in protein expression, and my original professional focus was cancer research. As a grad student, I realized that changing how we eat is crucial to solving many of the world’s greatest challenges, from pandemics to global hunger to environmental destruction to animal welfare. That’s why I pivoted towards using my career to help reform the food system through advocacy and innovation.

Today, I’m the Bioprocessing Senior Scientist at the Good Food Institute and the Co-Founder and CEO of Allied Scholars for Animal Protection (ASAP), a nonprofit which provides mentorship and support to animal advocates, particularly student organizations, to effectively advocate for human and nonhuman animals alike. I’m also one of the advisers at Effective Thesis, helping other scholars to work on impactful theses.




My article about cultivated meat, pandemics, climate, and alt proteins:

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In­tro­duc­ing Allied Schol­ars for An­i­mal Protection

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