Impactful Animal Advocacy

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Impactful Animal Advocacy (IAA) is a global community dedicated to amplifying the effectiveness of animal advocacy efforts. Founded in 2023, we have grown to over 1100 members worldwide. We host a vibrant Slack community, curate a monthly newsletter, and incubate impactful projects.

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Our mission is to cultivate a thriving ecosystem of community, knowledge, and tools that supports a more coordinated and strategic animal advocacy movement.

Im­pact­ful An­i­mal Ad­vo­cacy: Build­ing Com­mu­nity Infrastructure

Impactful Animal Advocacy21 Nov 2023 15:22 UTC
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Cri­tiques of EA in an­i­mal ad­vo­cacy—A dis­cus­sion with advocates

Impactful Animal Advocacy25 Aug 2023 15:46 UTC
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