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See my LinkedIn profile for what I have done/​do. Here is a summary of some key points:

Behaviour change researcher at BehaviourWorks Australia in Monash University and part of the team at Ready Research (https://​​​​).

Occasional entrepreneur

Former movement builder for i) UNSW, Sydney, Australia, ii) Sydney, Australia and iii) Ireland, EA groups.

Marketing Lead for the 2019 EAGx Australia conference.

Current lead for the EA Behavioral Science Newsletter (https://​​​​cL2oJwTenwnUNRTc6).

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The EA Be­hav­ioral Science Newslet­ter #6 (Septem­ber 2022)

PeterSlattery3 Sep 2022 6:06 UTC
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Re­search Sum­mary: What works to pro­mote char­i­ta­ble dona­tions: A meta-re­view with meta-meta-analysis

PeterSlattery24 Jun 2022 1:33 UTC
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