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An MA Social-Organizational Psychology student.

I am a vegan, most interested in animal rights activism.

I currently work as a lab manager in an altruism, judgment and decision making lab in Bar-Ilan, Israel, lead a vegan researcher.

I aspire to be a researcher in the field of altruism myself.

I have access to a face reader (emotion detection), an eye tracker and tDCS.

My skills also include SPSS, Excel and I hope soon MATLAB.

I am also learning Python in order to earn to give (in special projects in my free time).

I am an admin on a 10K Facebook page concerning good news (http://​​​​GoodNewsSummary), so I hope that can be of use to anyone.

I am also one of the admins of Effective Altruism Israel facebook page and group.

Fun Fact?: I love improvisation!

Now you know everything you need about me to help me help others! :)

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