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I’m mostly interested in global priorities research, the questions listed in the research agendas of CLR and GPI, and computational methods for approaching them. More on that in my post on my self-study directions.

I currently dedicate 60% of my time to this self-study and may occasionally write about my latest insights.

If you’re also interested in less directly optimific things – such as climbing around and on top of boulders or amateurish musings on psychology – then you may enjoy some of the posts I don’t cross-post from my blog, Impartial Priorities.

Pronouns they, he, she, or your new gender-neutral pronoun of choice.

[Question] How do you stay emo­tion­ally mo­ti­vated while work­ing on highly spe­cific prob­lems?

Denis Drescher2 May 2021 14:22 UTC
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[Question] How to get up to speed on a new field of re­search?

Denis Drescher1 Mar 2021 0:36 UTC
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[Question] How to work with self-con­scious­ness?

Denis Drescher3 Feb 2021 18:53 UTC
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[Question] How do you bal­ance read­ing and think­ing?

Denis Drescher17 Jan 2021 13:47 UTC
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[Question] How do you ap­proach hard prob­lems?

Denis Drescher4 Jan 2021 14:00 UTC
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