[Question] Where can I learn about how DALYs are calculated?

I recently tried to figure out where DALYs come from.

After a bit of searching, the best I could find was this report on the origin of the metric (the first Global Burden of Disease assessment). The report includes this explanation:


But I’m left with many other questions:

  • How many health workers were consulted?

  • Were people other than health workers consulted, especially people who have themselves experienced the relevant health issues?

  • Were DALY values updated in successive instances of the GBD?

  • Are transcripts of any of these “formal exercises” available somewhere?

Ideally, I’d love to find a document/​video that covers DALYs in the style of a factory tour video; I want to know what goes into them, who is involved, and what the creation process looks like.

Does anyone know of such a resource, and/​or the answers to any of my questions?