What are the practical EA career options for someone not living in London or SF?

As someone interested in EA who lives in Australia I often wonder

What are the high impact careers, jobs or opportunities for someone who does not live in one of the EA global hubs?

For the purposes of this article, let’s assume that moving overseas is not possible (and certainly for a lot of people it isn’t an option). I’m very open to the idea that the highest impact career move is to move overseas but I think it’s worth exploring the decision space for people for whom that isn’t an option (e.g. people with family commitments or a partner resolute on not moving overseas).

I’m speaking about people living in Australia but I imagine there are EAs in countries around the world who would have a similar experience.

Demand for EA jobs vastly outstrips supply

In the Australian context, the number of people interested in an EA job outstrips the supply of EA jobs.

Some data points for this.

1. Effective Altruism Australia has only recently hired its first full-time employee (and to my understanding has <5 FTE)

2. Less than 10 people work in fund-raising for EA orgs in Australia

My understanding is that Giving What We Can and The Life You Can Save both have some people (read: 2-3 people working on fund-raising) but these are some of the only EA fund-raising organisations in the country.

There may be some other roles and organisations I’m not aware of but these 3 organisations are probably the 3 most prominent EA organisations in Australia. Combined, they likely have a total of ~1.8 full-time employees (FTE) working on fund-raising. This is not a lot of people.

3. Effective Altruism conferences in Australia gets roughly 200 attendees which suggests a much larger pool of candidates interested in these roles

There is much greater interest in EA roles than can be accommodated by available job opportunities

It can be disheartening for people to be stumble across 80,000 hours content and be inspired but then be left a bit disappointed by the practical options available to them. If we assume fifty percent of the attendees are interested in EA roles (100) then there is roughly 10x as many people interested in EA roles as there are available domestically.

This suggests to me that there is some risk or limited benefit, in further community building in the sense that generating additional interest in EA aligned-careers may fail to translate into people have greater impacts with their career.

Possible High-Level Options for individuals

1. Careers that have much lower impact but are still the ‘local maximum’

Alternative career paths could include things like government policy roles that have say a tenth of the impact of a global hub EA policy role but still are the highest impact opportunities available. This could be something like working in environmental or poverty advocacy or in government policy roles in these areas.

2. Give to earn

In relative terms, give to earn is a more attractive option outside of EA global hubs. If the ‘maximum impact’ careers within Australia have a tenth (or more) of the impact than careers in a EA global hub but the maximum earning opportunities are comparable, then the relative value of ‘earn to give’ as an option is much higher.

While a good option, give to earn doesn’t really meet the criteria of a direct EA-aligned career.

What ideas do you have?

Interested in ideas that people have (and perhaps specific careers or options that would fall under #1).