[Question] Is it possible to have a high level of human heterogeneity and low chance of existential risks?

It seems to me different humans will always want different things and believe in different things. This makes the world a more interesting place both for good and bad. With different ideas we get a variety of art, inventions and lots of other great stuff that make the world better but we also get conflict when ideologies clash or when people want different things in a zero sum way. This state of affairs seems likely to lead to conflict or pursuing of dangerous technologies sooner or later. If this is the case then I’m not sure what the resolution would be, can people be heterogenous in all ways other than when it comes to pro-sociality? If not, how do people concerned with x-risk and Longtermism think about this? Is the hope that people with noble intentions will dominate society and there will be enough safe guards such that people who would increase the chances of x-risk will not be able to do so effectively if they come to power and this state of affairs can be sustained until humanity becomes a multi-planetary species?

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