[Question] Can we get #TeamHumans going

Question to EA Funds, EA Giving Tuesday, anyone in content creation, marketing, etc.:

Can we have this for EA?


Mr. Beast: https://​​youtu.be/​​cV2gBU6hKfY
Mark Rober: https://​​youtu.be/​​pXDx6DjNLDU

Just coming out of EAG and its motto of “be ambitious”, so could we pull this off? I am thinking of having a fundraiser by the whole YouTube community in the next one to two years? I think this should actually be achievable by quite the small team.

The hurdle to convince Mr.Beast to donate to GiveDirectly should essentially be 0, and likewise, Mark Rober could cover the Against Malaria Foundation or something even more engineering-focused. The impact would be more than the 30 million raised, this could really increase the amount of EA content out there (if this is good, I don’t know, would probably contain some good and some bad content), as well as widespread media coverage and exposure to large scale philanthropists.

Am interested in ideas, connections to Mark and Mr. Beast, and potential downsides/​counterarguments. If this seems worth doing, I might help coordinate this in the earliest stages.

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