Major Donation: Long Term Future Fund Application Extended 1 Week

The Long-Term Fu­ture EA Funds ap­pli­ca­tion round is ex­tended for one more week (un­til Mid­night (PST) Sun­day 24th of Fe­bru­ary).

The LTF Fund re­ceived a ma­jor dona­tion such that the amount of money available for grant­ing has more than dou­bled, to a to­tal of ~$1.2 mil­lion, mak­ing our available funds greater than all money that the LTF fund has ever given away his­tor­i­cally.

This means we can con­sider:

  • Grants of much larger am­bi­tion and scope.

  • Grants with longer time-hori­zons (who will need fund­ing in fu­ture years)

  • Grants to larger teams

  • Seed fund­ing for new organisations

  • Many more grants to smaller pro­jects and individuals

I think this means ap­ply­ing this round is a par­tic­u­larly good idea, as well as for­ward­ing the ap­pli­ca­tion to any­one else you know who might want to ap­ply.

Ap­ply here.

More info on the LTF Fund can be found here, you can see our last round of grants here.

If you’re un­cer­tain about whether we’re in­ter­ested in fund­ing a pro­ject, you can ask me in a com­ment, or email me and the other fund man­agers at ealongtermfu­