Major Donation: Long Term Future Fund Application Extended 1 Week

The Long-Term Future EA Funds application round is extended for one more week (until Midnight (PST) Sunday 24th of February).

The LTF Fund received a major donation such that the amount of money available for granting has more than doubled, to a total of ~$1.2 million, making our available funds greater than all money that the LTF fund has ever given away historically.

This means we can consider:

  • Grants of much larger ambition and scope.

  • Grants with longer time-horizons (who will need funding in future years)

  • Grants to larger teams

  • Seed funding for new organisations

  • Many more grants to smaller projects and individuals

I think this means applying this round is a particularly good idea, as well as forwarding the application to anyone else you know who might want to apply.

Apply here.

More info on the LTF Fund can be found here, you can see our last round of grants here.

If you’re uncertain about whether we’re interested in funding a project, you can ask me in a comment, or email me and the other fund managers at