EA Updates for July 2020


Giv­ing What We Can have hired Luke Free­man as their new director

EA Asia have a new newslet­ter with up­dates from groups in Sin­ga­pore, In­dia, Philip­pines, Mid­dle East, Ja­pan, Is­rael, Malaysia and In­done­sia

EA Giv­ing Tues­day dona­tion match­ing ini­ti­a­tive 2019 ret­ro­spec­tive. Within 14 sec­onds, 330 donors had donated $1,100,000, of which 52% was suc­cess­fully matched

EA Global Lon­don will now take place 30th April − 2nd of May 2021

• An­gela Aris­tizábal look­ing at whether re­gion-level cause pri­ori­ti­sa­tion re­search is valuable to spot promis­ing long-term pri­or­ity causes wor­ld­wide

• There is a new EA group on Fo­cusMate, a plat­form that pro­vides one-to-one video calls for ac­countabil­ity re­gard­ing fo­cused work

• EA Sur­vey Series 2019: How many peo­ple in­ter­ested in EA live in the main EA hubs?

• Eve McCormick, San­jay Joshi, Neel Nanda and Jaime Sevilla Molina on a new EA re­lated pod­cast cre­ated by Fin Moorhouse and Luca Righetti

• Founders Pledge have set up their own donor funds, one for global de­vel­op­ment and an­other for cli­mate change

• Aaron Gertler with EA or­gani­sa­tion up­dates for June

• Vaidehi Agar­walla with a step-by-step guide to run­ning in­de­pen­dent pro­jects

• An an­no­tated list of effec­tive al­tru­ism re­lated ca­reer ad­vice re­sources

• An anony­mous ret­ro­spec­tive on ca­reer choice af­ter think­ing about it for 300+ hours

• A post with ob­jec­tions to value al­ign­ment be­tween peo­ple in­ter­ested in effec­tive al­tru­ism

• EA Global tran­script of a talk by Mar­cus Davies: Re­think Pri­ori­ties — em­piri­cal re­search on ne­glected causes

• Jes­sica Wat­son Miller with a post look­ing at three pos­si­ble fu­ture for the effec­tive al­tru­ism move­ment

• EA Global tran­script of Char­ity En­trepreneur­ship grad­u­ate light­ning talks

• Gre­gory Lewis on why they think peo­ple should use re­silience, in­stead of im­pre­ci­sion, to com­mu­ni­cate uncertainty

• Saulius Sim­cikas with a col­lec­tion of good 2012-2017 EA fo­rum posts

• Sjir Hoeij­mak­ers on the case for in­vest­ing to give later

• A tran­script of a talk by Karolina Sarek at EA Global: How to do re­search that mat­ters


• Open Phil have made 31 grants re­cently with a to­tal value of $10,393,000

$3,299,000 - Global Pri­ori­ties Institute

$2,498,000 - Farmed an­i­mal welfare

$1,686,000 - Scien­tific research

$1,440,000 - Biose­cu­rity and pan­demic preparedness

$1,000,000 - Im­mi­gra­tion policy

$335,000 - Crim­i­nal jus­tice reform

$135,000 - Other areas

Global Development

• The 2020 State of Food Se­cu­rity and Nutri­tion re­port, with the num­ber of peo­ple af­fected by hunger globally has been on the rise since 2014

• The Gates Foun­da­tion with a Q&A look­ing at the scope of the lo­cust crisis in East Africa, po­ten­tially af­fect­ing a tenth of the world’s pop­u­la­tion

• The UN’s Philip Als­ton on failed global poverty erad­i­ca­tion efforts

• A post from some­one con­sid­er­ing a ca­reer plan re­think in global poverty erad­i­ca­tion and sys­temic change

• Melissa Dell and Tyler Cowen dis­cussing what fac­tors effect eco­nomic de­vel­op­ment

• EA Global tran­script of a Q&A with Elie Hassen­feld, co-founder of GiveWell

• Amit Varma with a pod­cast look­ing at prob­lems with de­ci­sion mak­ers in In­dia copy­ing pub­lic policy from abroad with­out con­sid­er­ing whether it would work in lo­cal con­di­tions

• Malaria Con­sor­tium with a re­port on dengue, the world’s fastest grow­ing vec­tor borne dis­ease

• The In­ter­na­tional Ini­ti­a­tive for Im­pact Eval­u­a­tion look­ing at in­ter­ven­tions that could have a big im­pact on food se­cu­rity

• David Miliband on the Founders Pledge pod­cast dis­cussing the im­mi­nent threat of COVID-19 to the world’s most vuln­er­a­ble pop­u­la­tions

• Think Global Health with an ar­ti­cle on the difficul­ties of mak­ing the global health field more rep­re­sen­ta­tive

• EA Global tran­script of a talk by Sam Carter: Are cash trans­fers the best policy op­tion?

• In­no­va­tions for Poverty Ac­tion on the lack of ev­i­dence on in­ter­ven­tions re­lat­ing to forced dis­place­ment

Ex­em­plars in Global Health, a new or­gani­sa­tion look­ing at pos­i­tive out­liers in pub­lic health to help in­form de­ci­sion mak­ers

• EA Global tran­script of a talk by Ruth Lev­ine and Caitlin Tul­loch: The good, the bad, and the ugly of ev­i­dence-in­formed de­ci­sion mak­ing in global de­vel­op­ment

• Founders Pledge with a re­port on the im­pact of COVID-19 in poorer coun­tries

An­i­mal Welfare

• Sen­tience In­sti­tute with a liter­a­ture re­view on health be­havi­our in­ter­ven­tions and a re­port on so­cial move­ment les­sons from the US pris­on­ers’ rights move­ment look­ing at how they could ap­ply to the farmed an­i­mal move­ment

• Jen­nifer Kirsch with a re­port for Fish Welfare Ini­ti­a­tive high­light­ing the most sig­nifi­cant knowl­edge gaps ham­per­ing effec­tive fish welfare work

• EA Global tran­script of a Q&A with Leah Edger­ton, ex­ec­u­tive di­rec­tor of An­i­mal Char­ity Eval­u­a­tors

• Fau­n­a­lyt­ics with a post look­ing at in­sti­tu­tional at­ti­tudes to­wards wild an­i­mal welfare

• The Good Food In­sti­tute have cre­ated PISCES, a new data nav­i­ga­tion tool to in­form al­ter­na­tive seafood development

• EA Global Tran­script of a talk by Richard Parr on the in­ter­na­tional ex­pan­sion of the Good Food In­sti­tute

• Ja­son Schukraft on the welfare im­pli­ca­tions for an­i­mals of the sub­jec­tive ex­pe­rience of time

• EA Global tran­script of a talk by Alexan­dria Beck: How the Open Wing Alli­ance is driv­ing progress worldwide

• Jamie Har­ris with a post on in­ter­ven­tions an­i­mal ad­vo­cates can use to build com­mu­ni­ties in other countries

Ex­is­ten­tial & Catas­trophic Risks

• The Global Challenges Foun­da­tion has a 2020 sur­vey on global catas­trophic risks

• EA Global Tran­script of a fireside chat with Bon­nie Jenk­ins, look­ing at cur­rent risks and im­prove­ments in nu­clear se­cu­rity and biose­cu­rity

• Live Science in­ter­view­ing Luke Kemp, Cas­sidy Nel­son and Sabin Ro­man on ex­is­ten­tial risks

• Think Global Health on how three stan­dard mea­sures didn’t pre­dict how coun­tries fared with COVID-19, and what could be done to be bet­ter pre­pared for the next pan­demic

• Michael Aird with a post vi­su­al­is­ing the differ­ences be­tween ex­is­ten­tial, global, and suffer­ing catas­tro­phes


• SoGive with their cli­mate change dona­tion recom­men­da­tions

• Vox with a deep dive into why get­ting to net-zero car­bon emis­sions will re­quire rapid, rad­i­cal in­no­va­tion

• A long post look­ing at how 2020 is af­fect­ing fos­sil fuels

• The U.K. gov­ern­ment’s de­vel­op­ment fi­nance in­sti­tu­tion will no longer put aid money into coal or oil in­vest­ments

• UK Re­search and In­no­va­tion an­nounced the first pro­jects to re­ceive fund­ing as part of its £149,000,000 trans­form­ing foun­da­tion in­dus­tries challenge. The foun­da­tion in­dus­try sec­tor com­bined pro­duce 75% of all the ma­te­ri­als in the UK econ­omy and ac­count for around 10% of the UK to­tal CO2 emis­sions

• Mar­i­time en­g­ineers have trained an en­ergy ship­ping app to save over a 250,000 tonnes of CO2 emis­sions by ap­ply­ing ma­chine learn­ing to its pre­dic­tive sys­tem

Im­prov­ing Institutions

• Govern­ment Out­comes Lab on whether cit­i­zens or sci­en­tists should set the terms for so­cial pro­jects

• The So­cial Science Pre­dic­tion Plat­form with a new fore­cast­ing challenge for aca­demics

• A pa­per look­ing at the im­pact of ‘Nudge Unit’ in­ter­ven­tions as they are scaled up

A pro­ject to see to what ex­tent a “Red Team”—peo­ple hired to crit­i­cise a sci­en­tific study with the goal to im­prove it—would im­prove the qual­ity of the re­sult­ing work

• The Skoll Cen­tre for So­cial En­ter­prise on strate­gies for im­ple­ment­ing sys­tems change

• John Halstead with a post on main­stream poli­ti­cal philos­o­phy and billion­aire philan­thropy

Emerg­ing Technologies

• Markus An­der­ljung and Ben Garfinkel dis­cuss their paths into the field of AI gov­er­nance, and how the field has de­vel­oped in re­cent years

• Jaime Sevilla Molina with a pa­per as­sess­ing the im­pact of quan­tum crypt­anal­y­sis

Ask Me Any­thing with Ben Garfinkel, a re­searcher at the Fu­ture of Hu­man­ity In­sti­tute

• Deep­Mind have re­leased their 2020 lec­ture se­ries with UCL

• The Cen­tre for Se­cu­rity and Emerg­ing Tech­nol­ogy with a brief map­ping out the AI-re­lated com­pany land­scape

• 80,000 Hours pod­cast with Ben Garfinkel on scru­ti­nis­ing clas­sic AI risk ar­gu­ments

Long Term Future

• EA Global tran­script of a talk by David Rhys Bernard: Es­ti­mat­ing long-term effects with­out long-term data

• Michael Aird with a list of his­tory top­ics it might be valuable to in­ves­ti­gate

• EA Global tran­script a Q&A with Toby Ord

• The Global Pri­ori­ties In­sti­tute with record­ings of their re­cent sem­i­nars

‘The Precipice’ book re­view

• 80,000 Hours pod­cast on re­duc­ing the cru­elty of the US crim­i­nal le­gal sys­tem

• In­no­va­tions for Poverty Ac­tion on how to re­duce po­lice vi­o­lence by build­ing effec­tive po­lice or­gani­sa­tions

• Cle­ment Kao with a product man­agers guide to effec­tive al­tru­ism

• Clearer Think­ing with a new pro­gram to help cre­ate new daily habits

• A new pa­per look­ing at how donors vastly un­der­es­ti­mate differ­ences in char­i­ties’ effectiveness

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