[Question] Did Fortify Health receive $1 million from EA Funds?

For­tify Health ap­pears to have re­ceived a new, $1-mil­lion GiveWell In­cu­ba­tion Grant in June 2019 (dis­tinct from the ~$300,000 grant it re­ceived in June 2018). If I un­der­stand cor­rectly, CEA’s Global Health and Devel­op­ment Fund has been the de­fault fund­ing source for GiveWell In­cu­ba­tion Grants since at least around that time. Was it the source of For­tify Health’s grant? (For­tify Health’s blog post sug­gests that it was.) If so, is there any par­tic­u­lar rea­son that isn’t re­flected on the EA Funds web­site?

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