EA Blogging Carnival: My Cause Selection

Re­cently I have talked to a few peo­ple about the im­por­tance of pub­li­cly dis­cussing cause se­lec­tion, and we agreed that we gen­er­ally don’t do it enough. So I’ve de­cided to host Septem­ber’s EA blog­ging car­ni­val with the topic “My Cause Selec­tion.” Write a post (on the EA fo­rum or on your own blog) ex­plain­ing which cause you cur­rently be­lieve is best and why. If you’re con­fused about which is best (I know I am), ex­plain the strengths and weak­nesses of the causes you think might be the best. If you want, dis­cuss your think­ing on other causes that you think are promis­ing, or that are pop­u­lar in EA but you don’t think are promis­ing. You should write in suffi­cient de­tail that read­ers have a good un­der­stand­ing of why you sup­port the cause(s) you do.

If you post on the EA fo­rum, please use the ti­tle “My Cause Selec­tion: <Your name or user­name>”, and tag your post with “my-cause-se­lec­tion”. If you post out­side the EA fo­rum, please write a com­ment here with a link to your post.

You can struc­ture your post how­ever you like, but if you want an idea of what you could do, this is how I’m struc­tur­ing mine. I ex­plain what I value and some gen­eral con­sid­er­a­tions, and then list out ev­ery ma­jor cause area I think is plau­si­bly the best (which in­cludes malaria nets, de­worm­ing, an­i­mal ad­vo­cacy, re­search on an­i­mal ad­vo­cacy, AI safety, and a few oth­ers). I ex­plain what I see as the strengths and weak­nesses of each cause area and then weigh them against each other.

It’s not Septem­ber yet, but this is a big topic, so we could use the ex­tra cou­ple of weeks. Feel free to pub­lish be­fore Septem­ber starts. Happy blog­ging!