Wild animal suffering video course

An­i­mal Ethics has just pub­lished the first mod­ule of a video course on wild an­i­mal suffer­ing, which is available as a playlist on our YouTube chan­nel. It cov­ers the situ­a­tion of an­i­mals in the wild as in­di­vi­d­u­als, in­clud­ing the harms they suffer, and ways of im­prov­ing their situ­a­tion, in­clud­ing some of the ways this is already be­ing done. The 13 videos of this mod­ule (an overview, an in­tro­duc­tion, and 11 differ­ent units) can be seen here:

Overview of the course

Sum­mary — In­tro­duc­tion to wild an­i­mal suffering

Unit 1 — What is wild an­i­mal suffer­ing?

Unit 2 — Harms suffered by an­i­mals due to weather con­di­tions and nat­u­ral disasters

Unit 3 — Diseases and parasitism

Unit 4 — Hunger and psy­cholog­i­cal suffering

Unit 5 — Conflicts

Unit 6 — In­juries due to accidents

Unit 7 — Re­pro­duc­tive strate­gies and wild an­i­mal suffering

Unit 8 — Res­cu­ing animals

Unit 9 — Var­i­ous ways of helping animals

Unit 10 — Vac­ci­nat­ing an­i­mals in the wild

Unit 11 — What you can do

We’ve already re­leased the com­plete com­pan­ion guide to the course here: In­tro­duc­tion to wild an­i­mal suffer­ing: A guide to the is­sues. This guide (which is over 200 pages) ex­pands slightly on the con­tent of the course and has ex­ten­sive refer­ences that also serve as refer­ences for the videos.

Subti­tles for most of the videos are available in English and Por­tuguese. The next mod­ule of this course will cover the moral con­sid­er­a­tion of an­i­mals and the fi­nal mod­ule will cover welfare biol­ogy, the study of an­i­mals liv­ing in the wild with re­spect to their wellbe­ing, and how this field can be ad­vanced in the fu­ture.