EA Twitter Job Bots and more


A group of us are building some Twitter bots which retweet EA jobs. Let us know in the comments if you think this is a good idea and what you think the hashtags should be.

Why we think this is a good use of our time

  • The EA community seems in agreement that matching people to jobs is important

  • Twitter is a place that lots of people hang out

  • Often people tweet EA jobs which get little traction

  • It feels weird to retweet an EA job sometimes because your followers aren’t EAs

  • We could make it easier for EAs to find jobs on Twitter by creating specific channels for them to find them, a twitter bot

  • People who want EA jobs follow the bots, people sharing EA jobs tweet or quote tweet them with appropriate hashtags

More detail

A group of us, Garrett, Julian, Scott and myself, are building a set of twitter bots. Anyone can join the project by joining our WhatsApp here. Each bot will retweet a certain type of job by retweeting all tweets with that hashtag. That way, if you want to hear about careers in animal advocacy, AI or global development you just follow the right bot.

Initially, the bots will retweet their own hashtag. In time, we might make them automatically post from trusted EA jobs boards.

Please fill in this survey

Here is a survey about what hashtags, cause areas and roles, to look at.


Further notes

If you’d like to help, join this WhatsApp group. It’s a doocracy so there won’t be someone telling you what to do, but don’t worry all skill levels are welcome. I’m no great shakes as a coder, so don’t let that stop you.

The roadmap is here, if something confuses you, comment on it: