New Business Wars podcast season on Sam Altman and OpenAI

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The Wondery podcast Business Wars’ latest season is on Sam Altman and the “battle for OpenAI”. For those who don’t know, Business Wars consists of 93 mini-series (and counting) telling the stories of different business rivalries throughout history, such as Netflix vs. Blockbuster, GM vs. Ford Motor Company, SpaceX vs. Blue Origin, and even Airbnb vs. the City of New York. Each mini-series can be up to 7 episodes long, including both narrative episodes and interviews with subject-matter experts.

Episode 1 is currently available to stream on all major podcast platforms, and it talks about how the release of ChatGPT and tensions between Altman and members of the board led to his firing. You can listen to the rest of season 93 now with a Wondery+ subscription, or wait for each episode to come out week by week.

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