AI safety

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AI safety is the study of ways to reduce risks posed by artificial intelligence.

AI safety as a career

80,000 Hours’ medium-depth investigation rates technical AI safety research a “priority path”—among the most promising career opportunities the organization has identified so far.[1][2]

Further reading

Gates, Vael (2022) Resources I send to AI researchers about AI safety, Effective Altruism Forum, June 13.

Krakovna, Victoria (2017) Introductory resources on AI safety research, Victoria Krakovna’s Blog, October 19.
A list of readings on AI safety.

Ngo, Richard (2019) Disentangling arguments for the importance of AI safety, Effective Altruism Forum, January 21.

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    Todd, Benjamin (2018) The highest impact career paths our research has identified so far, 80,000 Hours, August 12.

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    Todd, Benjamin (2021) AI safety technical research, 80,000 Hours, October.

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Data Publi­ca­tion for the 2021 Ar­tifi­cial In­tel­li­gence, Mo­ral­ity, and Sen­tience (AIMS) Sur­vey

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Open Prob­lems in AI X-Risk [PAIS #5]

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Re­sources I send to AI re­searchers about AI safety

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Ex­pected eth­i­cal value of a ca­reer in AI safety

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Refer the Co­op­er­a­tive AI Foun­da­tion’s New COO, Re­ceive $5000

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FYI: I’m work­ing on a book about the threat of AGI/​ASI for a gen­eral au­di­ence. I hope it will be of value to the cause and the community

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Pivotal out­comes and pivotal processes

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Tech­ni­cal AI safety in the United Arab Emirates

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