ChatGPT can write code! ?

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Could an artificial general intelligence (AGI) craft computer code and open up possibilities never seen before in the tech world?

A few months back, I was wrestling with this idea and decided to dive deep into the work of current researchers, entrepreneurs, journalists and anyone exploring this dynamic topic. Today, I just found out ChatGPT can do this very thing I was worried with.

Three videos of coders posting their thoughts on ChatGPT

  1. LETTING AN AI WRITE CODE FOR ME! - Advent of code solved by ChatGPT!

  2. Using AI To Code Better? ChatGPT and Copilot change everything—another Advent of code video trying to be solved by ChatGPT

  3. ChatGPT—an INSANE AI from OpenAI—It wrote C+ow this is worrying as it can bridge into low level coding (tap into binary code that can speak to hardware....)

I’m deeply worried by this

The third video is indeed troubling—an AGI that can write code to interact with any type of hardware poses a real threat to our technological control. After all, AI alignment has yet to be fully resolved and when combined with this capability, the risk increases manifold.

We really need to solve the AI alignment—the faster the better.