[Question] Is COVID an opportunity for non-EAs to give effectively?

I’ve seen so­cial me­dia cam­paigns that are fundrais­ing for char­i­ties that may not be effec­tive as an EA would deem as such.

Based on this re­cent post, the recom­mended or­ga­ni­za­tions are re­lated to biorisk, x-risk or ne­glected work on COVID. I know in my net­work, which I am the only EA I know of, this may not res­onate with them. Yet, I see sev­eral of them donat­ing funds to COVID in ways that are not effec­tive as they could be.

Thus, I see this as an op­por­tu­nity to in­fluence my peers to donate effec­tively if they choose COVID as their pri­or­ity right now. It may not cre­ate as much im­pact as an EA would hope for, but I be­lieve it may cre­ate a marginal im­pact.

The difficult part is what or­ga­ni­za­tion to recom­mend to my non-EA peers that would ap­peal to them while be­ing marginally effec­tive. I don’t have a good sense of which one that is yet un­til more ev­i­dence /​ dis­cus­sions cir­cu­late among the EA com­mu­nity.

One may ar­gue that AMF, MC or HKI needs the money now more than ever as they will be­come ne­glected ar­eas. That makes me un­com­fortable be­cause if I were to make this ar­gu­ment to a non-EA, it may come off as a “low blow” or that “I’m us­ing COVID as an op­por­tu­nity to make a point.”

I be­lieve the goal with this is to em­power peo­ple to give effec­tively, no mat­ter the cause area. I be­lieve that’s a bet­ter ap­proach than try­ing to de­bate with them to give to an­other cause area that would be more effec­tive than COVID—I think that will come later.

I’m cu­ri­ous to hear thoughts on this and per­haps peo­ple can re­call times dur­ing dis­aster re­lief, where they in­fluenced their peers to give effec­tively dur­ing those times and if they con­tinued to give effec­tively in other cause ar­eas.

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