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I’m Michael Aird, a Sum­mer Re­search Fel­low with the Cen­ter on Long-Term Risk (though I don’t per­son­ally sub­scribe to suffer­ing-fo­cused views on ethics). Opinions ex­pressed in my posts or com­ments should be as­sumed to be my own, un­less I in­di­cate oth­er­wise. You can give me anony­mous feed­back here.

Pre­vi­ously, I did ex­is­ten­tial risk re­search & writ­ing for Con­ver­gence Anal­y­sis and grant writ­ing for a sus­tain­abil­ity ac­count­ing com­pany. Be­fore that, I was a high-school teacher for two years in the Teach For Aus­tralia pro­gram, ran an EA-based club and char­ity elec­tion at the school I taught at, pub­lished a peer-re­viewed psy­chol­ogy pa­per, and won a stand-up com­edy award which ~30 peo­ple in the en­tire world would’ve heard of (a Golden Doustie, if you must know).

I also post to LessWrong.

If you think you or I could benefit from us talk­ing, feel free to reach out or sched­ule a call.