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I’m a Senior Research Manager in Rethink Priorities’ AI Governance and Strategy team. I’m also an advisor to organizations such as Training for Good and an affiliate of the Centre for the Governance of AI. My prior work includes positions at the Center on Long-Term Risk and the Future of Humanity Institute.

Opinions expressed are my own. You can give me anonymous feedback here.

See here for Rethink Priorities’ job openings or expression of interest forms, here for a list of EA-aligned funding sources you could apply to, and here for my top recommended resources for people interested in EA/​longtermist research careers.

RP’s AI Gover­nance & Strat­egy team—June 2023 in­terim overview

MichaelA22 Jun 2023 13:45 UTC
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Re­think Pri­ori­ties is hiring a Com­pute Gover­nance Re­searcher or Re­search Assistant

MichaelA7 Jun 2023 13:22 UTC
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