Effective Altruism Approach on Social Inequality—Marginalized Communities

An Inundate Initiative

Inundate and Perpetuate a message. Simple enough, very cost effective and has the potential to be very impactful. But why does this have the potential to be impactful?… Because people are influenced by what they see often.

We see this through Rap Culture as a way to make it ‘out’ for those living in Low Income Communities.

The same can also be said with the NBA or NFL.

Why is Rap an alternative for many Black Americans living in and/​or close to poverty? Because they dominate the field of rap. And people are more likely and more comfortable joining a path where they see people like themselves succeeding.

And as for the NFL and NBA; It’s difficult not to see a Black American playing on these popular sports teams. Which is why sports are also an alternative to “making it out” of Poverty-stricken neighborhoods.

But what happens when your neither athletic or a musician? The next best thing becomes “easy money. ” This is where gang culture in Low Income Communities come to life.

Certain behavior’s and narratives are pushed in these specific communities. And my goal is to create a paradigm shift to change that.

What do the People within Low Income Communities Lack?

  • Knowledge on more Career Options

  • Exposure to Positive Representation

With my (Linktr.ee/​a_poster_project) I plan to use the power of virtual and physical advertising space as a Media Proprietor in order to destroy the Poverty Mindset within these Marginalized Low Income Communities.

What is the Message that I want to Inundate and Perpetuate?

  • Show the Career Options Available to you.

  • Show People that Look Like you pursuing these many career paths.

  • Showcase the Silent Majority (Normal American Black Life that isn’t full of struggle and oppression.)

To often it is Insinuated and Perpetuated that Black Individuals are oppressed to the point of being stuck, even in 2023. And this affects Black individuals very negatively. Especially those who have only known their Low Income Communities. This creates a mindset, a poverty mindset, where you are believing in false limitations.

The comfortable lives we are seeing on TV’s are very often not representing normal black families. Further solidifying the thought that a middle class black neighborhood was only on TV, to those who have never known it. A_Poster_Project will show the Silent Majority to the Loud Minority, which has been perpetuated for too long.

Eventually, just like with Rap or Sports, if people within these Low Income Communities see enough of the individuals that look like them, succeeding in a variety of careers, living comfortably, with a strong familial bond. Eventually, people will also want to live the same way. ” As people are influenced by what they see often.” Celina Griffith Johnson

An Inundate Initiative