Cause area : Fundamental Research

I believe Fundamental research i.e. research into fundamental fields WITHOUT a prior agenda (of solving a specific pre-determined problem) is one of the, if not the, most important field we as mankind should be investing in. It is only this kind of research that has the best chance to produce solutions for problems that we currently face, and more importantly for new problems we will face in the future.

The example physicist David Deustch gives is that of how research into the esoteric properties of uranium in the early 20th century (just for the sake of research i.e. curiosity, without a prior agenda) led to nuclear energy a few decades later.

We currently face several existential threats- climate change being one of them. However to think these will be the last existential threats or that we know of all possible future existential threats would be naive. Our best defense against future unknown existential risks is again—fundamental research—which helps us understand the nature of reality and in the process come up with solutions for problems.

So here’s to research for the sake of research into the fields of physics, biology, chemistry, material science, engineering etc. - our best bet to secure the future of humanity.