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My name is Edo, I’m one of the co-or­ganisers of EA Is­rael. I’m also helping out in mod­er­a­tion for the fo­rum, feel free to reach out if I can help with any­thing.

I have stud­ied math­e­mat­ics, worked as an math­e­mat­i­cal re­searcher in the IDF and was in train­ing and lead­er­ship roles. After that I started a PhD in CS, where I helped to start a re­search cen­ter with the goal of ad­vanc­ing Biolog­i­cal re­search us­ing gen­eral math­e­mat­i­cal ab­strac­tions. After about 6 months I have de­cided to leave the cen­ter and the PhD pro­gram.

Cur­rently, I’m mostly think­ing about im­prov­ing the sci­en­tific ecosys­tem and par­tic­u­larly how one can pri­ori­tize bet­ter within ba­sic sci­ence.

Gen­er­ally, I’m very ex­cited about im­prov­ing pri­ori­ti­sa­tion within EA and how we con­duct our re­search around it and EA causes in gen­eral. I’m also very in­ter­ested in bet­ter co­or­di­na­tion and ini­ti­a­tive sup­port within the EA com­mu­nity. Well, I’m pretty ex­cited about the EA com­mu­nity and ba­si­cally ev­ery­thing else that has to do with do­ing the most good.

My Virtue Ethic brain parts re­ally ap­pre­ci­ates hon­esty and open­ness, cu­ri­os­ity and self-im­prove­ment, car­ing and sup­port­ing, pro­duc­tivity and goal-ori­ent­ed­ness, co­op­er­at­ing as the de­fault op­tion and fix­ing bro­ken sys­tems.

[Question] What is a “Kan­tian Con­struc­tivist view of the kind Chris­tine Kors­gaard favours”?

EdoArad21 Oct 2020 4:44 UTC
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