Looking for EA work for your spare time? Look at (and add to) this list!

.im­pact is hav­ing it’s sec­ond workathon (hap­pen­ing now! read about the first one here) and one thing we’re try­ing to get a clearer pic­ture on is what use­ful things peo­ple can be do­ing to have an im­pact in their free time. Last time EA Ven­tures put out their call for EA pro­ject ideas they got a lot of feed­back. I’m hop­ing we can do that again.

There­fore I’m post­ing all of .im­pact’s pro­ject ideas in this thread as com­ments on this thread. You can dis­cuss in­di­vi­d­ual pro­ject ideas in the com­ments. You can vote up the pro­jects you think are high­est im­pact. You can vote down the pro­jects you ex­pect to be a com­plete waste of time, though be friendly and ex­plain why you think so in the com­ments. And you can add your own pro­ject ideas here!

What are the crite­ria for adding a pro­ject?

We’re look­ing for pro­jects that can be moved for­ward with less than ten hours of work a week. If it’s to the point where work­ing on this pro­ject re­quires quit­ting your full-time job, I sug­gest you look to EA Ven­tures in­stead.

Where Should You Start?

There are a bunch of ac­tivi­ties that ev­ery EA can do to boost their own im­pact. This is a great start­ing point for any­one who is in­ter­ested. Use the EA Task Suggester to find one of these tasks.

Par­tic­u­larly high lev­er­age tasks in­clude:


If you have a com­ment other than a pro­ject idea, com­ment here.