Looking for EA work for your spare time? Look at (and add to) this list!

.impact is having it’s second workathon (happening now! read about the first one here) and one thing we’re trying to get a clearer picture on is what useful things people can be doing to have an impact in their free time. Last time EA Ventures put out their call for EA project ideas they got a lot of feedback. I’m hoping we can do that again.

Therefore I’m posting all of .impact’s project ideas in this thread as comments on this thread. You can discuss individual project ideas in the comments. You can vote up the projects you think are highest impact. You can vote down the projects you expect to be a complete waste of time, though be friendly and explain why you think so in the comments. And you can add your own project ideas here!

What are the criteria for adding a project?

We’re looking for projects that can be moved forward with less than ten hours of work a week. If it’s to the point where working on this project requires quitting your full-time job, I suggest you look to EA Ventures instead.

Where Should You Start?

There are a bunch of activities that every EA can do to boost their own impact. This is a great starting point for anyone who is interested. Use the EA Task Suggester to find one of these tasks.

Particularly high leverage tasks include:


If you have a comment other than a project idea, comment here.