Can you think of any fundraising ideas?

As many of you will know, Char­ity Science, the EA or­gani­sa­tion that I work for, fo­cuses on fundrais­ing for GiveWell-recom­mended char­i­ties. We’d love to hear sug­ges­tions for this, so this is an open call for any and all ways to move money! They’re wel­come and en­couraged no mat­ter how far-fetched or un­cer­tain—there’s no harm in throw­ing them out there, and value in shar­ing. If you’d rather not pub­li­cly de­scribe a hare-brained scheme, you can email it to us at team@char­i­ty­ and say if you wouldn’t like us to share it anony­mously.

To provide some food for thought, here are some ma­jor ar­eas in fundrais­ing within which you may be able to think up ideas:

Please take some time to come up with any money-mov­ing meth­ods that fall un­der these or other cat­e­gories, then share them in the com­ments be­low or with us at team@char­i­ty­!