Call for beta-testers for the EA Pen Pals Project!

Hi ev­ery­one! Ben­jamin Skubi and I are ex­cited to an­nounce a beta-test for an EA Pen Pal ser­vice. Users will be ran­domly matched, given each oth­ers’ con­tact in­for­ma­tion, and pro­vided with a dis­cus­sion prompt. You can then sched­ule a video call or ex­change emails and get to know each other. (For those who re­mem­ber it, this is EA Chats 2.0)

We are hop­ing this pro­ject could es­pe­cially benefit EAs with­out lo­cal com­mu­nity, like those liv­ing in smaller coun­tries/​cities or ru­ral ar­eas meet EAs and get con­nected to the com­mu­nity. This is aimed to be a peer-to-peer con­nec­tions but we hope EAs from all differ­ent back­grounds and ex­pe­rience lev­els within EA will par­ti­ci­pate.

If you are in­ter­ested in par­ti­ci­pat­ing, please sign up here.

The test round it­self will last for 4 weeks, and dur­ing that time you can be matched with as many peo­ple as you wish (in­struc­tions will be given on how to do so). We will be run­ning it man­u­ally for this pe­riod, and will aim to match peo­ple as soon as they sign up. We will be col­lect­ing feed­back from users af­ter their first match, and at the end of the four weeks. For more in­for­ma­tion, please see our full pro­ject pro­posal. We wel­come feed­back!

If you have any ques­tions, feel free to con­tact us (Ben­jamin and Vaidehi) at EACom­mu­ni­tyPro­

Up­date 31st Oct 2019: Our full pro­ject pro­posal has the re­sults of our beta test. We are cur­rently in the pro­cess of talk­ing with peo­ple and figur­ing out next steps to take the pro­ject for­ward. If you are in­ter­ested or would like to be matched, we still match peo­ple ev­ery week or so, and you can sign up here.

Up­date 9 April 2020: We are ap­ply­ing for fund­ing to make this ser­vice au­to­mated and sus­tain­ble, and are wait­ing to hear back on fund­ing.