[Question] What Are Your Software Needs?

TL;DR: Please comment with pain points you have or know about that might be solved by software developers.

Have a low bar: If it’s related to EA or LessWrong, and someone would probably pay $100 to solve it, please write it. For example, maybe there’s an annoying task you’d like to automate? Or a Twitter bot you wish existed?

No need to repost job openings that already exist in the 80000 hours job board or in impact colabs, but if I forgot another board, I’d be happy if you add it too.


Why I’m asking: I wonder if there are existing needs in our community, but there’s no easy way to surface them. I hope that commenting here will be easy and inviting enough to bridge some of that gap. On the other side I think there are software developers who might help.

Inspiration: Ambitious Altruistic Software Engineering Efforts: Opportunities and Benefits by Ozzie Gooen, EA Communication Project Ideas by Ben West.