Latest EA Updates for March 2019

Effec­tive al­tru­ism in me­dia & blogs

• A BBC ar­ti­cle on whether we can rein­vent democ­racy for the long-term fu­ture

• A post on the Long-Time pro­ject—which is look­ing at ex­is­ten­tial risks from a cul­tural and artis­tic per­spec­tive and how these will be cru­cial for shift­ing be­liefs, in­clud­ing 5 path­ways to think­ing in a long term way—“Our short-ter­mism means we are effec­tively colon­is­ing the fu­ture, pri­ori­tis­ing our own short-term gains over the fu­ture col­lec­tive good.”

• In­side Philan­thropy look­ing at why an effec­tive al­tru­ism donor has given mil­lions to AI security

• A first­hand ac­count of GiveDirectly’s work in Kenya

• Richard Parr, the new GFI man­ag­ing di­rec­tor for Europe, is quoted in this BBC ar­ti­cle on UK sci­en­tists pro­duc­ing cell-based meat

• A BBC ar­ti­cle on Devel­op­ment Me­dia In­ter­na­tional and the re­sults of their ran­domised con­trol­led trial look­ing into ra­dio interventions

• The Coun­cil on For­eign Re­la­tions on the con­tin­u­ing risk of nu­clear war

Or­gani­sa­tion Updates

• A write up from SHIC on why they are sus­pend­ing out­reach op­er­a­tions fol­low­ing their im­pact report

• Char­ity En­trepreneur­ship with a post on what to ex­pect on their char­ity in­cu­ba­tion program

• A pa­per on the role and limits of prin­ci­ples in AI ethics from the Lev­er­hulme Cen­tre for the Fu­ture of In­tel­li­gence

• Forethought Foun­da­tion have a £2000 prize for un­der­grad­u­ate the­sis in global pri­ori­ties research

• Open Phil with re­flec­tions on their 2018 re­searcher hiring process

• 80,000 Hours with an up­dated ar­ti­cle on how to make a tough ca­reer de­ci­sion, in­clud­ing a de­ci­sion mak­ing tool

• CSER giv­ing ad­vice to the UN High-level Panel on Digi­tal Co­op­er­a­tion

• CSER also lead­ing a UK gov­ern­ment re­view of the eco­nomics of biodiversity

• Malaria Con­sor­tium have an­nounced a 5 year pro­gramme to re­duce the bur­den of malaria in Nige­ria, which ac­counts for 25% of all malaria cases worldwide

Q&A with the found­ing di­rec­tor of the Cen­ter for Se­cu­rity and Emerg­ing Tech­nol­ogy (CSET)

• WHO have launched a new global in­fluenza strat­egy aimed at pro­tect­ing peo­ple in all countries

• ICT Mum­bai and GFI are set­ting up the wor­lds first cel­lu­lar agri­cul­ture re­search cen­tre in Maharashtra

• A tran­script of the talk Vicky Bond of THL gave at EA Global Lon­don—“How Cor­po­rate Re­form is Chang­ing the Land­scape for An­i­mals

• Carolyn Henry talk­ing about the work that SCI does in elimi­nat­ing par­a­sitic worms


• Char­ity En­trepreneur­ship with re­search on meat re­duc­tion, hu­mane slaugh­ter & trans­port, in­creas­ing the price of an­i­mal prod­ucts and fish feed op­ti­mi­sa­tion as po­ten­tial new char­ity ideas

• Re­search from the CGD on ed­u­ca­tion that finds girl-tar­geted in­ter­ven­tions and gen­eral in­ter­ven­tions de­liver similar gains

• Founders Pledge with re­search into ex­is­ten­tial risks, recom­mend­ing 3 char­i­ties. The Cen­ter for Health Se­cu­rity at Johns Hop­kins Univer­sity, The Biose­cu­rity Ini­ti­a­tive at the Cen­ter for In­ter­na­tional Se­cu­rity and Co­op­er­a­tion, and The Cen­ter for Hu­man-Com­pat­i­ble AI

• An NBER pa­per look­ing at whether celebrity en­dorse­ments af­fect be­liefs about vaccination

• A global study look­ing at the link be­tween demo­cratic gov­er­nance and adult health

• Char­lotte Stix with an overview of the EU’s AI ecosystem

• The Cen­tre for Ev­i­dence-Based Medicine Out­come Mon­i­tor­ing Pro­ject has found that ma­jor med­i­cal jour­nals don’t fol­low their own rules for re­port­ing re­sults from clini­cal tri­als

• BIT with a re­port on ap­ply­ing be­havi­oural in­sights to in­ter­na­tional de­vel­op­ment, in­clud­ing com­bat­ing cor­rup­tion in Nige­ria, im­prov­ing re­sponses to in­ti­mate part­ner vi­o­lence in Ge­or­gia, pro­mot­ing fi­nan­cial in­clu­sion in Mex­ico, build­ing tax ca­pac­ity in In­done­sia and in­creas­ing med­i­ca­tion ad­her­ence in Moldova

• A new book on the benefits of end­ing an­i­mal ex­per­i­men­ta­tion, with a fore­word by Peter Singer

• Deep­Mind with a re­port on de­sign­ing in­cen­tives to avoid side effects


• Open Phil have made 2 grants since Fe­bru­ary, with $2,500,000 for Schis­to­so­mi­a­sis Con­trol Ini­ti­a­tive and $1,800,000 for The Cen­ter for Elec­tion Science

• Open Phil have an­nounced a $6,000,000 prize to any group who suc­cess­fully de­vel­ops a tech­nol­ogy that can ac­cu­rately and rapidly de­ter­mine if a chick is male as early as pos­si­ble in the egg pro­duc­tion process

• CEDIL have a call for pro­pos­als on im­pact eval­u­a­tion re­search to com­mis­sion £9,500,000 of re­search projects


• A sum­mary of the Google flood fore­cast­ing meets ML work­shop event, where they be­lieve it can help the hun­dreds of mil­lions of peo­ple af­fected by floods ev­ery year

• The Good Food Con­fer­ence is hap­pen­ing in Cal­ifor­nia this Septem­ber (noisy link)

• The wor­lds lead­ing be­havi­oural sci­ence con­fer­ence is in Lon­don on the 5th and 6th of Septem­ber, with past EA Global speak­ers Cass Sun­stein and Rachel Glennerster


• How move­ment cap­ture shaped the fight for civil rights

Why dis­aster re­lief is so hard

• Why some sci­en­tists are say­ing that p-val­ues and ‘statis­ti­cal sig­nifi­cance’ should be used less

• Stan­ford has a new In­sti­tute for Hu­man-Cen­tered AI, launched with a speech by Bill Gates—“The world hasn’t had that many tech­nolo­gies that are both promis­ing and dan­ger­ous the way AI is”

• How deadly pathogens have es­caped the lab mul­ti­ple times

• Con­sumers in China and In­dia are more likely than Amer­i­cans to be okay with pur­chas­ing lab-grown meat


80,000 Hours pod­cast with OpenAI on how policy can keep up with ad­vances in technology

Nick Bostrom on the Sam Har­ris pod­cast talk­ing about ex­is­ten­tial risks

• An FLI pod­cast with Max Teg­mark look­ing at DNA, bio-weapons and biolog­i­cal ex­is­ten­tial risks

• A BBC Ra­dio 4 seg­ment on whether hu­man­ity will sur­vive the cen­tury fea­tur­ing in­ter­views with peo­ple from FHI, CSER, FLI and GCR

• A pod­cast with Seth Baum of GCR talk­ing about the long term future


• James Snow­den on what it’s like to work at GiveWell

• Ste­fan Schu­bert on the psy­chol­ogy of ex­is­ten­tial risk and long-termism

• If you’re in­ter­ested in be­ing in­ter­viewed on why you’ve taken the Giv­ing What We Can pledge for a writ­ten se­ries to in­spire oth­ers—con­tact Alexan­dra on this Face­book link

• A post from Jeremy who got an un­ex­pected re­sponse from a Face­book post offer­ing to give books to friends and will fund you to give away copies of Do­ing Good Better

• A pro­file in the Times on Demis Hass­abis, one of the founders of Deep­Mind

• A 30-mil­lion page archive of hu­man knowl­edge has been sent to the moon to help pre­serve civilisation

Good news roundup

• An­gola has de­crim­i­nal­ised same-sex conduct

• The Cen­tral Afri­can Repub­lic has signed a peace deal af­ter 7 years of conflict

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