List of 80,000 Hours content from the last 4 months, summary of what was most popular, and plans for future releases.

Here’s your reg­u­lar re­minder of ev­ery­thing 80,000 Hours has re­leased since our last up­date for the EA Fo­rum 4 months ago. If you’d like to get these up­dates more reg­u­larly, you can join our newslet­ter.

We’ve done a ma­jor re­design of our job board, in­creas­ing the num­ber of va­can­cies listed there from ~20 to over 100. It has dou­bled its traf­fic since the first half of the year, and is now one of the five most pop­u­lar pages on the whole site.

  1. High im­pact job board

We’ve re­leased two in-depth ar­ti­cles that should be of spe­cial in­ter­est to the com­mu­nity:

  1. Th­ese are the world’s high­est im­pact ca­reer paths ac­cord­ing to our re­search. This is an up­date of our top recom­mended ca­reers.

  2. Should you play to your com­par­a­tive ad­van­tage when choos­ing your ca­reer? New the­o­ret­i­cal con­tent on the rele­vance of com­par­a­tive ad­van­tage, and thoughts on how to prac­ti­cally eval­u­ate it.

We re­leased 9 pod­cast epi­sodes to­tal­ling 19.5 hours, cov­er­ing lots of key top­ics in EA in sig­nifi­cant depth (in chronolog­i­cal or­der):

  1. How the au­dac­ity to fix things with­out ask­ing per­mis­sion can change the world, demon­strated by Tara Mac Aulay

  2. Tanya Singh on end­ing the op­er­a­tions man­age­ment bot­tle­neck in effec­tive altruism

  3. Find­ing the best char­ity re­quires es­ti­mat­ing the un­know­able. Here’s how GiveWell tries to do that, ac­cord­ing to re­searcher James Snow­den.

  4. Prof Yew-Kwang Ng is a vi­sion­ary economist who an­ti­ci­pated many key ideas in effec­tive al­tru­ism decades ago. Here’s his take on ethics and how to cre­ate a much hap­pier world. (Plus a bonus guide to his most in­fluen­tial work.)

  5. How much should you change your be­liefs based on new ev­i­dence? Dr Spencer Green­berg on the sci­en­tific ap­proach to solv­ing difficult ev­ery­day questions

  6. How well can we ac­tu­ally pre­dict the fu­ture? Katja Grace on why ex­pert opinion isn’t a great guide to AI’s im­pact and how to do better

  7. David Rood­man on in­car­cer­a­tion, ge­o­mag­netic storms, & be­com­ing a world-class researcher

  8. Tack­ling the ethics of in­finity, be­ing clue­less about the effects of our ac­tions, and hav­ing moral em­pa­thy for in­tel­lec­tual ad­ver­saries, with philoso­pher Dr Amanda Askell

  9. Daniel Ells­berg on the cre­ation of nu­clear dooms­day ma­chines, the in­sti­tu­tional in­san­ity that main­tains them, and a prac­ti­cal plan for dis­man­tling them.

Based on a com­bi­na­tion of down­loads, listen­ing time and per­centage com­ple­tion, the top 3 pod­cast epi­sodes were, in or­der, Dr Spencer Green­berg on sci­en­tifi­cally solv­ing ev­ery­day ques­tions, Tara Mac Au­lay on the au­dac­ity to fix things, and Amanda Askell on moral em­pa­thy.

The high­est rated epi­sodes by our ad­vi­sory group were, in or­der, Tara Mac Au­lay on the au­dac­ity to fix things, Dr Spencer Green­berg on sci­en­tifi­cally solv­ing ev­ery­day ques­tions, with a tie for third place be­tween Es­ti­mat­ing the un­know­able with James Snow­den and David Rood­man on be­com­ing a world-class re­searcher.

The pod­cast is clos­ing in on 12,000 sub­scribers (though im­perfectly mea­sured), and had an av­er­age of 10,300 down­loads a week over this pe­riod (though not all listened to pre­sum­ably).

We also re­leased sev­eral other ar­ti­cles:

  1. Con­gres­sional staffers have sur­pris­ing power over bud­gets & leg­is­la­tion. Here’s what it takes to be­come one.

  2. Ran­domised ex­per­i­ment: If you’re gen­uinely un­sure whether to quit your job or break up, then you prob­a­bly should. This re­ceived over 50,000 views from places like red­dit.

  3. Amer­i­can with a sci­ence PhD? Get a fast-track into AI and STEM policy by ap­ply­ing for the ac­claimed AAAS Science & Tech­nol­ogy Fel­low­ship by Nov 1.

  4. Quiz: Psy­chol­ogy re­sults in top jour­nals – can you guess which ones were true, and which didn’t repli­cate? (Partly made for fun.)

  5. We also re­vised our ar­ti­cle Why you should con­sider ap­ply­ing for grad school right now.

Over the next quar­ter on the pod­cast you can ex­pect to hear from Hilary Greaves on the Global Pri­ori­ties In­sti­tute, Cather­ine Ols­son and Daniel Zie­gler on get­ting jobs in AI safety, Paul Chris­ti­ano on his work to al­ign AI with hu­man in­ter­ests, Tyler Cowen on his book Stub­born At­tach­ments, David Denken­berger on feed­ing ev­ery­one no mat­ter what, and Brian Chris­tian on al­gorithms to live by. We’ll also keep re­leas­ing our “ad­vanced se­ries” on in-depth ar­ti­cles cov­er­ing the key ques­tions in EA ca­reer choice.


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