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The emerg­ing school of pa­tient longtermism

80000_Hours7 Aug 2020 16:28 UTC
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What 80,000 Hours learned by in­ter­view­ing peo­ple we re­spect ‘anony­mously’

80000_Hours18 Jun 2020 12:50 UTC
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[Link] What’s the best char­ity to donate to? Dec 2019 — 80,000 Hours

80000_Hours23 Dec 2019 23:46 UTC
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80,000 Hours is com­piling anony­mous ad­vice from peo­ple whose work we re­spect — here are the first 4 entries

80000_Hours27 Nov 2019 18:50 UTC
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Re­cap—why do some or­gani­sa­tions say their re­cent hires are worth so much? (Link)

80000_Hours13 May 2019 18:01 UTC
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The case for build­ing ex­per­tise to work on US AI policy, and how to do it

80000_Hours31 Jan 2019 22:44 UTC
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Cross-post: Think twice be­fore talk­ing about ‘tal­ent gaps’ – clar­ify­ing nine mis­con­cep­tions, by 80,000 Hours.

80000_Hours12 Nov 2018 20:52 UTC
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Many EA orgs say they place a lot of fi­nan­cial value on their pre­vi­ous hire. What does that mean, if any­thing? And why aren’t they hiring faster?

80000_Hours12 Oct 2018 18:55 UTC
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Sur­vey of EA org lead­ers about what skills and ex­pe­rience they most need, their staff/​dona­tions trade-offs, prob­lem pri­ori­ti­sa­tion, and more.

80000_Hours9 Oct 2018 23:33 UTC
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List of 80,000 Hours con­tent from the last 4 months, sum­mary of what was most pop­u­lar, and plans for fu­ture re­leases.

80000_Hours1 Oct 2018 17:48 UTC
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Th­ese are the world’s high­est im­pact ca­reer paths ac­cord­ing to our re­search − 80,000 Hours

80000_Hours30 Sep 2018 6:37 UTC
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