Consumer preferences for labgrown and plant-based meat

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This study re­ports the re­sults of a na­tion­wide sur­vey of more than 1,800 U.S. con­sumers who com­pleted a choice ex­per­i­ment in which they se­lected among con­ven­tional beef and three al­ter­na­tive meat prod­ucts (lab-based, plant-based with pea pro­tein, and plant-based with an­i­mal-like pro­tein) at differ­ent prices. [...] Re­sults from mixed logit mod­els in­di­cate that, hold­ing prices con­stant and con­di­tional on choos­ing a food product, 72% chose farm raised beef, 16% plant-based (pea pro­tein) meat al­ter­na­tive, 7% plant-based (an­i­mal-like pro­tein) meat al­ter­na­tive, and 5% lab­grown meat. [...] Re­spon­dents are strongly op­posed to tax­ing con­ven­tional beef and to al­low­ing the plant- and lab-based al­ter­na­tives to use the la­bel “beef.”