Max Görlitz

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Working on biosecurity research around far-UVC safety. Organized EA Munich for >2 years and did some EA community building in Germany. Studied 3 years of medicine. Incoming master’s student in Genomic Medicine at Oxford.

Sometimes I write about meditation and other stuff. You can find my writing on my website or on Substack: https://​​​​

Feel free to reach out to me at my email address, and let me know if you’d like to chat: hello [at] maxgoerlitz [dot] com

(last updated in August 2023)

Map of the biose­cu­rity land­scape (list of GCBR-rele­vant orgs for new­com­ers)

Max Görlitz17 Sep 2023 8:56 UTC
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Thoughts on far-UVC af­ter work­ing in the field for 8 months

Max Görlitz31 Jul 2023 14:36 UTC
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How would a nu­clear war be­tween Rus­sia and the US af­fect you per­son­ally?

Max Görlitz27 Jul 2023 13:06 UTC
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Map of maps of in­ter­est­ing fields

Max Görlitz25 Jun 2023 14:00 UTC
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