Quality of life of farm animals

I need your help! I’m try­ing to model farm an­i­mal welfare but I don’t have good es­ti­mates of av­er­age qual­ity of life among the an­i­mals.

To­masik has his suffer­ing calcu­la­tion, but he is only look­ing at the quan­tity of suffer­ing. That means it’s only ac­cu­rate if you are a nega­tive util­i­tar­ian; I’m not one and most peo­ple here aren’t ei­ther.

There are the welfare es­ti­mates in Com­pas­sion, by the Pound. How­ever, there is a prob­lem with them too. They go from −10 (worst farm con­di­tions) to +10 (all an­i­mal needs are met). Even from a con­ven­tional util­i­tar­ian per­spec­tive (ig­nor­ing all pos­si­bil­ities for “nega­tive lean­ing” util­i­tar­i­anism) this is not ap­pro­pri­ate be­cause we gen­er­ally rate suffer­ing scales as ex­tend­ing farther than hap­piness scales. We wouldn’t ac­cept ten days in very bad farm con­di­tions just to live an­other eleven days in very good ones.

And be­cause of var­i­ance in welfare across mem­bers of an an­i­mal type as well as var­i­ance across an an­i­mal’s life­time, which are hid­den be­hind the au­thor’s point es­ti­mates, it’s not pos­si­ble to straight­for­wardly trans­late these es­ti­mates into new es­ti­mates of av­er­age an­i­mal welfare which take the above con­sid­er­a­tion into ac­count.

So, I pose the ques­tion to those of you who know about an­i­mal psy­chol­ogy and con­di­tions on farms. Let −10 be the qual­ity of life in a truly bad fac­tory farm—not the worst pos­si­ble suffer­ing, not de­liber­ate tor­ture, just the worst that you would ex­pect to find for any an­i­mal type on any farm in the world to­day. Now let 0 be the point at which the an­i­mal’s welfare is neu­tral, i.e. we ought to be fun­da­men­tally in­differ­ent be­tween it ex­ist­ing or not. +10 will be the point at which an­i­mals have enough well-be­ing to ac­tu­ally out­weigh −10 in moral terms. So if half of an­i­mals are at −5 and the other half are at +5, the av­er­age for that species will be 0.

On this scale, how would you rate the av­er­age QOL of beef cat­tle, dairy cat­tle, pigs, meat chick­ens, egg chick­ens, turkeys, and farmed fish?