Digest #176 [short]


Consider sharing reflections on the life of the vegetarian Quaker slavery abolitionist and activist Benjamin Lay, who died 265 years ago.

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— Toby (for the Forum team)

We recommend:

  1. Celebrating Benjamin Lay (Lizka, 10 min)

  2. Sam Altman’s Chip Ambitions Undercut OpenAI’s Safety Strategy (Garrison, link-post) (see also Garrison’s Jacobin cover story on AI capitalism and the x-risk debates)

  3. Things to check about a job or internship (Julia_Wise, 10 min)

  4. Thoughts on “The Offense-Defense Balance Rarely Changes” (Cullen, 6 min)

  5. What we know about growth: Labor markets in LMICs (Karthik Tadepalli, 10 min)

  6. Community


  1. Updates and news

  2. Jobs and opportunities

Classic Forum post | Living on $1.25/​day – what does that mean? (William_MacAskill)

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