[Question] Has your “EA worldview” changed over time? How and why?

If you’re Open Phil, you can hedge your­self against the risk that your wor­ld­view might be wrong by di­ver­sify­ing. But the rest of us are just go­ing to have to figure out which wor­ld­view is ac­tu­ally right. Do you feel like you’ve made progress on this? Tell me the story!


In this post, I’ll use “wor­ld­view” to re­fer to a set of highly de­bat­able (and per­haps im­pos­si­ble to eval­u­ate) be­liefs that fa­vor a cer­tain kind of giv­ing.

PPS: don’t an­chor your­self just to open phil’s ex­am­ples (long-term vs short tem or an­i­mals vs hu­mans). There are lots of other wor­ld­view axes. (Ran­dom ex­am­ples: trust in in­side vs out­side view, how much weight you put on differ­ent types of ar­gu­ments, gen­eral level of skep­ti­cism, moral re­al­ism, which morals you’re re­al­ist about, …)