I’m Interviewing Kat Woods, EA Powerhouse. What Should I Ask?

If You’ve Never Heard of Kat Woods (But Really, Who in EA Hasn’t?), Here’s a List of Projects She Has Cofounded:

- Charity Entrepreneurship, an incubator that has launched 18 Charities so far

-Charity Science Health, now Suvita, which has helped vaccinate over 200,000 children

- Nonlinear, a longtermist EA incubator

-Superlinear, a platform which hosts competitions to solve X-Risk problems (with some pretty huge prizes)

As if that isn’t enough, she’s also a prolific contributor to the intellectual sphere of the community—just look at her post history.

So What should I ask her?

I’m planning on asking her about her plans to grow the AI Safety community and what the biggest issues are in the AI community.

I’m also very interested in asking questions about her mindset; Kat mentioned to me that she was able to overcome imposter syndrome, which I know many of us suffer with. We’ll also talk about concrete ways to become happier, and I’m really keen on figuring out how she manages to stay so productive.

Send more questions! I interview her in 22 hours.

Also, if you’re interested in my podcast, here’s an episode I filmed with Jack Rafferty, co founder of the Lead Exposure Elimination Project (also funded by Charity Entrepreneurship. Thanks Kat!)