EA can be hard: links for that

I’ve struggled and am struggling with: feeling overwhelmed by the size of important problems, feeling alone in wanting to have an impact and also feeling like I don’t want to take away time and resources from important people doing saving-the-world things, feeling guilty about being a net-negative for EA.

I don’t have much original to say about this at the moment, but I don’t think I’m alone, so this is my attempt to be a little bit helpful. You could also browse the Self-care tag.

The desire for impact:

Reconciling EA and self care

  • Nate Soares: Replacing GuiltI don’t know if anyone reading this post hasn’t read it already, but I think it’s important that it’s here. If you haven’t, also, caveat[1]

  • Tessa Alexanian: Aiming for the minimum of self-care is dangerousI really appreciate the honest and pragmatic approach to the question of self-care, since I’ve felt that EA-external discussions about self-care can be somewhat dishonest: for example, I sometimes see the claim that self-care inevitably makes you more productive. This isn’t necessarily true, but self-care is still important.

Beyond EA: On being a full human being


  1. ^

    Everyone is different, but if I were to try to give advice to a version of myself who hasn’t read it, I’d say:

    If you’re struggling, read the Half monkey, half god segment, especially Not yet gods, but avoid The dark world, and the related articles On caring, and The value of a life. I’ve found those a little information hazard-y