[Question] Administration costs when giving to more than one organisation

If I am plan­ning to make a monthly dona­tion of f.ex. 100 Euros, is it sig­nifi­cantly more effec­tive to donate to one or­gani­sa­tion than choos­ing two or­gani­sa­tions and sup­port­ing each with 50 Euros? Of course by choos­ing two or­gani­sa­tions the over­all ad­minis­tra­tion effort is higher but maybe this differ­ence is marginal if one con­sid­ers that it is a monthly long-term dona­tion?

And how high is the ad­minis­tra­tive effort if I am sup­port­ing a US-based or­gani­sa­tion if I am not a US cit­i­zen? Is it more ad­vis­able to sup­port a com­pa­rable or­gani­sa­tion that is also based in my home coun­try Ger­many and there­fore prob­a­bly re­ceives Ger­man dona­tions more fre­quently?

I am thank­ful for your opinions!

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