[Question] Moral trades for tax deductibility

I have historically donated to GiveWell or GiveWell-recommended charities, but am becoming convinced of the moral importance and neglectedness of non-human animals, so am thinking to donate somewhere else this year, perhaps to the Wild Animal Initiative. I live in Australia, where options for tax-deductible EA-focused donations are (to my knowledge) limited to GiveWell-style charities (eg AMF) and movement-building through Effective Altruism Australia.

What I would like is to find someone in a more lenient jurisdiction for tax-deductibility purposes (eg US, parts of Europe) who wants to donate to AMF or similar, and do a ‘moral trade’ with them where I donate to AMF and they donate to WAI and we both still get tax deductions.

Does anyone know of a system like this, or anyone I should contact to ask about it, or are you open to a trade like this yourself?

Practically, I am looking to donate around AUD50,000. I will need to pay ~$15,000 in tax if this idea doesn’t work out, so it feels worth at least investigating.

Our financial year ends in 8 days on June 30th, so this is time-sensitive.

I’m also open to any other suggestions/​advice, and if you are interested in a different pair of charities for the trade I am flexible too.

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