The EA Forum Podcast is up and running

I made a thing!


It’s the Effective Altruism Forum Podcast!

So far we’ve recorded the following posts (links are to the podcast reading):

I’m planning on narrating all of the EA Forum Prize winners from the past few months, plus a few selected posts which I happened to find particularly interesting or which would likely benefit the most from being narrated.

If you have a post you’d like me to narrate, tell me about it here! Feedback is welcome, especially if you have experience in this area. Lessons you learned from preforming similar tasks will be very helpful. However, feedback about the quality of the podcast is also much appreciated.

If you are interested in narrating posts yourself, editing, organizing, or anything else which could help with production, sign up using this form. Alternatively, you can comment on this post, or simply message me or @david_reinstein if perchance you dislike filling out forms.

Subscribe to the podcast if you’d like more narrations of particularly interesting posts.

Anchor link to podcast page: https://​​​​ea-forum-podcast

RSS feed: https://​​​​s/​​62cbeec4/​​podcast/​​rss

Also listen to David’s podcast Found in the Struce (RSS), where he narrates, and adds additional commentary to interesting EA Forum posts.


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